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Choose Your Own Fleece Cage Liner with Absorbent Core for Guinea Pig C & C Cages

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Customisbale, made to order fleece liner for guinea pig C & C cages. Liner is reversible and can be laid either way with either fleece as the top layer.

Different size options available, see drop down menu for details.

Liners are comprised of 3 layers:
Top layer: Anti pill polar fleece
Middle layer: Absorbent recycled mixed fabric
Bottom layer: Anti pill polar fleece

Liquid wicks through the top layer of fleece and is held by the absorbent middle layer. The wicking properties of the fleece increase with time, the more the liner is washed, the better it will wick away liquid. The liner works both ways up - this allows you to flip the liner and have a change of colour in your cage.

- It is recommended to wash liner before first use
- Remove debris before washing
- Machine washable at 30°C
- Do not use fabric conditioner (using fabric conditioner creates a waterproof barrier on the fleece)
- Do not tumble dry (this may cause shrinkage)

- Soak in a solution of water and white vinegar before washing
- Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine (refer to washing machine instructions first to check this is ok for your machine)
- Never use fabric softener in wash

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