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Choose Your Own Fleece Potty Pad with Absorbent Core

Regular price £7.00

Customisable, made to order fleece potty pee pad for guinea pigs, African pygmy hedgehogs, chinchillas, rats, degus and other small pets. Choose from 34 fleece options.

Liquid wicks through the top layer of fleece and is held by the absorbent middle layer. The wicking properties of the fleece increase with time, the more the pad is washed, the better it will wick away liquid. The pad works both ways up - this allows you to flip the pad and have a change of colour in your cage.

Suggested uses:
- Sleeping mat
- Use under plastic/wooden hut to protect cage bedding
- Lap pad to protect clothing from any little unexpected accidents when petting animal
- Use with C & C grids to make a bunk bed for your pet's cage

- Approximately 32cm x 32cm (fits onto 1 C & C cage grid)
- Absorbent recycled fabric middle layer
- High quality anti pill polar fleece outer layers

- Remove debris before washing
- Machine washable at 30°C using non-bio detergent
- Do not use fabric conditioner (using fabric conditioner creates a waterproof barrier on the fleece)
- Do not tumble dry (may cause item to shrink)
- Do not iron